We are JAZZ, a team of communication professionals that work together to build brands.

Most of us have spent the biggest part of our careers working for the big multinational communication companies, until the day we thought that a new type of agency was possible.

An agency in which there are no roles or positions, only debates, ideas and big dreams. A place where we do not separate from strategy and creativity, but we integrate experts on different disciplines working towards a common goal. A place where the client is part of the team, the process and the debate.

We enjoy working with curios, dreamy and possibilistic people. Persons wishing to make their projects bigger, they spread their entrepreneurial spirit and make us enjoy our work.

We believe that big brands are like JAZZ: part technics, part improvisation and many doses of teamwork.


Avenida Diagonal 456, Planta 8
08006 Barcelona

T: +34 93 238 57 00
F: +34 93 238 57 01


Paseo de la Castellana, 86, Planta 6
28046 Madrid

T: +34 91 702 10 10
F: +34 91 702 10 11

If you want to contact us, write to us: info@wejazz.com

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